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This section includes all subscribers, unsubscribed and email lists.

Subscribers - This is a list of all of your active subscribers, regardless of whether they have been assigned to a named email list.

Unsubscribed - This is a list of all of your unsubscribed or hard bounced subscribers. Clients who have hard bounced will show (bounce) next to their email address.

Lists – Allows you to manually group your subscribers together into targeted lists. Once set up, you can send specific communications to each list. For example, create a list of Schedule C, Payroll or LLC clients.

You could also import names to your lists, however, subscribers will be added to your ALL subscribers database. 

Commonly asked questions - 

Can I manually unsubscribe a contact?

Yes.  You can unsubscribe a contact from the Subscribers list.

  • Scroll down or search the client's name or email address
  • Toggle to the right and click unsubscribe.
  • The client will be moved to the Unsubscribed list and will be excluded from all email communications. Note except for bounced emails, unsubscribed clients can still be sent secure private messages from the portal. They will not receive email newsletters, greetings or client alerts.

Can I resubscribe a contact on the Unsubscribed list due to a hard bounce?

Yes. When you get a hard bounce it means the recipient's email address is invalid or no longer in use. It can also mean it can be invalid due to a typo in the email address.

Email addresses that hard bounce are automatically suppressed so they are not sent again. We also add them to your master unsubscribed list which prevents the addresses from being accidentally re-imported.

Before resubscribing a contact we suggest that you verify you have the correct email address and have verified the spelling. You can then resubscribe the client from the Unsubscribed column.

  • Scroll down or search the client's name or email address
  • Toggle to the right and click subscribe


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