ClientWhys New April 2017 Product Enhancements and Features

Wendy Claypool -

Below are new tools and updates we have added to the ClientWhys Marketing Platform.

What's New in the Message Center?

Shortcut Hotkeys –

You can now use hotkeys to change the status of a message from Open, Pending, and Solved. The hotkey functions are available to use in the message center only –

Set as Open (CTRL+1)

Set as Pending (CTRL+2)

Set as Solved (CTRL+3)



Expanded Search Capabilities in Batch-Ops

Located in the Message Center, we have added new features to the Batch-Ops section which allows you to search by clients, show if the message includes any attachments and whether the client or professional has viewed a specific message.

Messages are viewed inline and allow you the option to continue the conversation or change the status.





Updated Message Center Editor Tool - New Spell Check Tool

ABC - The spell checker is set up to show spelling mistakes as they occur. Simply right click your mouse over the word (or press control-click on Mac) and the spelling suggestions will automatically display.



Document Folders - You Can Now Disable Clients from Creating New Document Folders 

We have added the ability to allow professionals to decide whether they will allow clients to create folders in the documents section.

There are two options to choose from - 

  • Individual Client New Folder Button - Located in the Individual Clients' Settings - Disable the ability for the specific client to create new folders in the documents section. (Note if the Global feature is disabled, it will affect ALL clients and you cannot enable folder creation for a specific client.)


  • Global Client New Folder Button - Located in the Client Tab under Settings - Disable the ability for ALL clients to create new folders in the documents section. (Note - You cannot enable an individual client. The Global Enable/Disable setting is the priority.)

  • globalclientfolder.jpg 


Client Tab - New Exportable Clients' Document Activity Report

This report contains a list of clients and their individual documents. The exportable report can be found in the Client Tab – Gear Setting under Export Client's Document Activity. This list will show the specific client, document name, whether the client downloaded the document and the date the document was downloaded.  



Lead Dashboard - Nurture Lead Campaign Track Sent Messages

The Nurture Lead Campaigns now include a tracking report for each of the campaigns that were sent. The tracking report will give you a list of the recipients, details when the message was opened, if the message bounced or was unsubscribed.

Select the specific Nurture Lead Campaign that was sent to view the details of that campaign.


If you have any questions regarding the new features feel free to email at or call our Help Desk at 1.800.442.2477 x4.



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