The Heartbleed Bug Update - 4-11-2014 (updated 4-18-2014)

Lee Reams -

Update 4-18-2014): ClientWhys updated the server environment to no longer support older browsers. This will increase security for all users. The security update may require you to clear your browser cache/history on your next login. Older browsers that are no longer supported or current with security patches will no longer have access to the portal. We recommend professionals use Chrome for the best performance and security. 


ClientWhys does not use OpenSSL in our applications and is not affected by this issue. Rackspace, our web host, has also done a full vulnerability check on the network and firewall. As a precaution, we do recommend that all email address passwords are updated for those using webmail. Especially Yahoo web mail users. In addition, avoid potential phishing emails from attackers asking you to update your password - to avoid going to an impersonated website, stick with the official site domain.

Read more on our blog about password resets.

We have taken this warning to evaluate the browsers we will support going forward. With the end of life of Microsoft XP, we think it is prudent to eliminate support for older browsers that may be using outdated software. We have decided to make this change the night of April 17th (after tax season). This will require a server restart and a short period of down time. After this update is made, only current browser's will be supported for the professional and client portal login. While this may inconvenience some users, it is more apparent than ever that security concerns are paramount. We recommend users of the portal use Chrome for best performance.

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