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Lee Reams -

Click on Add New Page. This is where you can add or edit a page.

1. Enter the name of your page.

2. Add Default Content - Click on the drop down and make your selection. 

3. Select the location of the page. There are two options. 

- It can be inserted on the main page, either on the main or secondary navigation bar. 

- It can be a subpage of a main page.

3. Articles Drop Down - By checking this box, you are allowing the articles to be expanded/contracted when clicked on.

4. External Link Option - This allows you to link a menu item out to another website.

5. Max# of Articles Per Page - Select the number of articles you want to show on each page.  

6. Picture - By checking this box, it overwrites an image of your choice to all pages.

7. Select Image  - You can upload an image here. 

8. Meta Title - Add an appropriate meta title in this text box area.

9. Meta Tags - This is where you can enter meta tags to help browsers view your page. 


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