Sending Custom eSign Templates with Identity Verification

Wendy Claypool -

You can create a custom eSign template which requires a client to enter a Pin prior to signing a document.

Login to your ClientWhys Admin at
Click on eSign


 Step 1 – Set Up the custom eSign template

Click the Gear 
Select Create Custom Template


Upload the Document
Enter the Template Name
Flag the Box – Requires Personal Identification Number (PIN)
Select the appropriate signers
Map the document
Click Next.


Step 2 – Create the Client's Security ID (PIN)

Click on Clients 
Select the Client

Click the Settings icon located at the bottom of the page

Click Security 
Enter a Security ID (PIN) - Toggle to the right, click edit and enter the Pin. 
The PIN can be numbers or letters or a combination of both.

NOTE – you will need to notify the client of their Security ID (pin) prior to sending the eSign document

 Step 3 – Send the eSign document.

The client will receive the following message when they click on the link in the eSign email.


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